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Reading the online news yesterday I read a story that I thought was 100% truthful.  It is the rise in alcohol problems with individuals who have had a roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery.  As this is the surgery I had I can speak directly to the impact that alcohol has since the surgery.

For anyone’s knowledge who may be reading this article, I was never a heavy drinker before surgery and I haven’t become one since.  More times than not when I purchase a case of beer it would go bad before I would drink it all.  Since surgery I have had the odd night where I have enjoyed a few beers or mixed drinks.  The effect since surgery is crazy.

I will admit that before surgery a couple of drinks would not impact me at all.  After surgery one beer will make me feel light headed and second one will make me feel a little loopy, if I have a third and fourth I have just become a very happy drunk.  Mixed drinks even have a higher impact than a beer, two of those and I am already feeling pretty drunk.  If I throw in a shot or two, chances are I won’t remember much come the next day.

For people that have this surgery need to make major changes in their lives and the biggest change is mental.  If you cannot make the mental changes, then you may swap your food problem for alcohol which has a more immediate impact.   Since I have had the surgery I can understand what is happening even if it doesn’t happen to me.

Feel free to check out the article from Sheryl Ubelacker in the Canadian Press “Common bariatric surgery linked to alcohol abuse”.