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Junior Seau went out the only way he thought he had.  It will take people much smarter than I to find out if the game he loved helped lead to his mental downfall.

Why would a guy do what Junior did after living (from an outside view) what seemed like a great life?  Family loved him, his kids loved him and he was still adored by many fans of the game.

I have watched many newscasts that interview people that talk about how happy Junior was right up until his last day.  How he was making jokes and having fun at what became his final golf tournament.

What many don’t realize is that some individuals that have depression can separate their inner self from their outer self.  What is perceived by others does not foretell what is going on inside his own mind.

The scariest place to go when depressed is within your own mind.  It’s like being thrown into the depths of the ocean without a life raft or knowing how to swim.  Your own negative self-talk is like wave upon wave crashing down on you, until you are going to drown in this negative cesspool.  Then you see a way out, a glimmer of light, a way to escape this ocean of negativity and waves of internal hate and that is to go to the heavens above.

I hope that Junior found the solace he was looking for in the heavens above while those who remain must find a way to understand his personal actions on that fateful day.

As a sports fan and as a survivor of depression, I wish Junior the peace he was seeking and peace for the family left behind.