I am surrounded by people who continue to smoke even though there is no good reason for it.  I am amazed that they continue to light up knowing that it could lead to cancer, COPD, plus multiple more conditions.  What can you do?  It drives me nuts that people I love continue to pick up their smokes and drag that poison deep into their lungs.

Wait, how does that make obese people any different?  I use to think that smoking is not something that is absolutely needed so it should be easy to stop.  Eating on the other hand is something that has to be done everyday, so that by definition makes it harder to quit.

Now, that Easter has passed I realize that poor eating habits should be as easy or hard to quit as smoking.  Nobody makes somebody eat chocolate, chips, cake, fast food or any other type of unhealthy food.  I know yesterday I partook in a piece of home made “Black Forest Cake” that was actually made by my father.  He made it for me as it is my favourite cake.  Plus with my dad’s fabulous baking skills, having some of his cake was a no brainer.

Yet, while I was enjoying my one slim piece that I couldn’t say no too, I realized others were going out to smoke.  These individuals get as much pleasure from their after dinner smoke as I do from the home made cake.  Some of the smokers are actually the skinniest people I know because they tend to pass on the goodies to have their cigarettes.

I am now realize that people who suffer from other addictions such as, alcohol, cigarettes, etc, do not have any more control than I do.  I may have begun eating to compensate for my depression so I would feel better.  Others could have started smoking to fit in or to help relax themselves or for whatever their personal reason is.

I am not a big believer in smoking being a relaxant for the human body, but it may be a mental re-laxer for the addicted personality.  This I can fully understand as food tends to relax us who are addicted to it.

All this does for me is cause me pause to realize that others that have addictions deal with the same demons I do, even if their addictions are different.  The cause of addiction is different, the actual addiction is different, but the reason, feeling, or result of feeding that addiction is the same.  No longer will I jump to conclusions about others who smoke while I am sitting in the house eating my cake.