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#1 Weight loss is an inadequate motivator

If your goal to lose weight is your only motivator it won’t work.  Whenever I had the ability to lose weight it would go down and then at a later time come back usually with more pounds added on.  I had to determine the underlying reasons to why I eat food that isn’t good for me.  I realized to help my depression and overall health I needed to lose weight to have a more successful life.  This helped me make changes and continue to make changes as weight loss for weight loss is just not enough for most of us.

#2 Success and Failures are not nouns

Let go of thinking of yourself as a success or a failure.   You will never be as a person a success or a failure.  What will happen is that you will succeed at some things and fail at others.  I had gastric bypass surgery and the goals that I wanted to achieve from that surgery were extremely successful.  Currently I haven’t loss the total amount of weight that I want and I am still trying to adjust my lifestyle to succeed at this.  I myself am not a success or failure because of this I do not define myself by individual results.

#3 The only place you can start is where you are right now.

I know I always wanted change when it came to my weight and life but I always found reasons to put it off.  There was a lot of I will start tomorrow or at the beginning of next week or month.  I may have tried to put things off past the next holidays so I can enjoy the great food and drink that comes with it.  What happens when you go longer and longer without starting?  Does it increase your depression as you watch the scale go up?  Do you get mad at yourself for not being able not to commit?  The only truth is you can only start wherever you are in your life right now.  Instead of finding the perfect time to start making changes to your weight and health, realize the perfect time is right now.

#4 Master Energy Management not Time Management

It is never the right time to make changes in your life.  Life is busy and there are not enough hours in the day.  This is one of the biggest complaints I hear from people.  I don’t have time to change as all my time is already used up.  One of the biggest benefits I have found to following a nutritional plan is that I have more time.  I don’t have to think about food planning everyday as I already know what I am going to be eating and have it ready in the fridge.  I actually now have more time than I did before.  A second large benefit is I have more energy due to my eating plan which allows me to accomplish more in the same time frame.  Making the change will give you the energy to get more done and feel better as nobody has the ability to change the hours in a day.

#5 The Pursuit of Perfection will paralyse you

If you attempt perfection you will freeze yourself up and not do anything.  I know at times I feel like if I can’t be perfect why try?  The goal to improving your mental and physical health is achieving success 80% of the time not 100% of the time.  I always remember that I can screw up but I can always get back on track and continue to success.