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I am a huge advocate for helping others get up and make life improving decisions to deal with their depression and obesity.  What I am not doing is telling you how to live your life.  The articles and stories that I write for this blog are to show you what I have done to make a change in my life.  In no way am I advocating that these are the exact same moves you need to take.

Each of us is an individual or a unique person.  The high level general steps that I took and outline through these different blog posts are to encourage you that you can also find your way.  Do I believe that to make a change there are certain steps everyone must follow?  Yes of course I do.  The catch being, what you do within that step is what makes it unique to you.

I know at times I have been in a step, feel like I have completed it and move on, but later circle back to it again.  I constantly find myself circling back to step one when I feel like I am beginning to slip on my food plan.  I remind myself that I have a problem that I am powerless against and I reach out for the support I need to get back on track.  I also depend on my wife when it comes to my depression and anxiety.  When you start moving down the slippery slope into depression junction it is a slow ride that can creep up on you and you are there without even realizing it.  For me, I have my wife and a few friends who will let me know when I am beginning to slip back down the slope and make sure I move back up before I get caught in a bad cycle of depression.

So I advocate that you visit each and every step that I put up on this site just so you can understand how it affects you individually.  I would never recommend anybody have surgery for obesity as it is truly a decision that has to be made from the individual, close family and medical guidance.  This path at a high level can encompass so much more than just obesity and depression but on the lower more intimate level it is uniquely yours.

All I want to do is to be here and support you.  Possibly give words to feelings that you couldn’t give words too.  Allow each and every one of my readers to realize that they are not alone in this battle and what is occurring in their lives.  Sometimes the greatest strength you can draw from is the knowledge that others have come before you and survived if not prospered going down this same life path.