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I am back on track and happy about that.  Last week was not a complete loss as I managed to still lose two pounds even with the Halloween candy snacking.  I cannot tell you how happy I was because I was sure that the scale was going to go up instead of down.

I realized this past weekend that to get back on track I needed to leave behind the mistakes I made last week and forgive myself for them.  It was important to forgive myself and not let myself get in a downward spiral when it came to food.  When you get hard on yourself and cannot forgive yourself, you are only setting yourself up for more failure.

Today being the much hated Monday by many to me was a great day because it is the beginning of a new work week and the chance to increase my focus.  Last weekend my wife went shopping and picked up everything that was on my wish list for the next week with regards to fruit, yogurt, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the upcoming week.  When she takes the opportunity to do the shopping it makes it even easier for me as I don’t even have to worry if the food is in the fridge.

Today alone I felt like I had more energy and was able to make it through the day a little easier.  I really believe this is the key to eating the three square meals during the day and scheduling in the two snacks during the day.  The snacks keep the energy going and stop the dips that can occur during the time in between meals.  This also made the workday go by extremely quickly as the increased focus leads to increased productivity.

My biggest goal is to see the scale drop even more this week than it did last week.  I know I shouldn’t be using the scale as a guide and I try to keep off it for the most part.  I notice some weeks when I check the scale it hasn’t moved at all which is frustrating but then I notice I need to put a new whole in my belt so they makes me feel better.  I think when you lose weight you just want to see your hard work rewarded every week.