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Here I am thinking that I need a pep talk.  I feel like I am still sliding away from my food plan into old habits a bit at a time.  I have been down this road and it can get ugly.  Anybody who has an eating issue and opts to give in to it, the outcome isn’t pretty.

On one side I am happy to say that I have been able to give up the Halloween treats.  It was tempting at first and I did give in but I stayed strong and now walk by them without the need to take one.  It was a successful mental fight as my body had no real need for any treat.

I think my biggest issue this week is eating properly, getting in all the snacks, and ensuring the food I should be eating is available.  All I keep thinking is, stupid, stupid, stupid, as I didn’t go and get my food for the week.  It all started by not ensuring I had the proper food for the week in the house. It is fact that when I am not prepared I will eat almost anything when I get hungry.  The truth of the matter is that most food that can be prepared quickly is not of the healthy variety.

I did take the time yesterday to go through the fridge and throw out food that either wasn’t good anymore or really shouldn’t be consumed.  I didn’t do it because I think it is okay to waste money on food but I wanted to know exactly what was available and what I had to work with until the weekend.  I was trying to salvage the week.

I am already making my food list for this next week and will be sure to go shopping on Saturday to get what I need.  Life is very busy and if I don’t take the time to be prepared then I will continue to slide back into old habits.  I’m writing this as a pep talk and because I am mad at myself for dropping the ball.  I have been doing so well, yet prior success does not give me justification to move off the plan.

Just a note to others who attempt or try to support individuals with their eating habits.  We tend to be much harder on ourselves and know that we are messing up, so in the chance that you think coming down on us is helpful, it’s not.  Not only will it upset us but we tend to be emotional eaters so the additional pressure only encourages us to fall further from where we want to be.

The key is preparation, preparation, preparation with the food plan.  When the food is prepared, ready and easy to grab in the house then I have no problem staying on the plan.  When I have to find additional time in my already busy workweek to try and figure something out food wise, I will rarely make the right decision.  I also realize that a bit of a slip is not the end of the world as long as I catch it and get back on the proverbial horse.