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I’m not even sure where to start this conversation but I am going to give it the old college try.  Are there times during the day, week, or month that you feel like you are in a fog?  Do you have days that you seem to have the attention span of a puppy?  I know I do.  These are the days when you want to do nothing, focus on nothing, maybe just sit in front of the TV and veg out.

A big plus to eating healthy is that I don’t have that fog as much anymore.  I do not have the need to sit in front of the TV or computer and veg out.  It’s funny that we use the word veg (short for vegetable) when we talk about zoning out.  The truth is, if you were actually eating the vegetables you should be consuming everyday you wouldn’t need to veg.

I have determined that when I am having a day that I cannot focus or “get on track”, I can change it around with some healthy food.  It’s amazing that the food that enters the mouth feeds both your body and your brain.  I know thinking about the food and the brain is important to me because of the anxiety and depression.  A few months ago, I never thought much about how the food impacted my brain but I now notice a big difference.

Last weekend I couldn’t seem to get motivated and in the right frame of mind.  It was a busy day and much had to be done with plans for us to go out for dinner with family that night.  I knew that according to my food plan I hadn’t eaten nearly enough and I was paying for it with low energy and negative thoughts.  I opted to stop at the Pita Pit at noon to get some food.  I ordered whole wheat, lean turkey pita with cucumber, lettuce, and green pepper.  Wow, a short while after eating that I was back on top.  The negative mindset went away and the energy came back in abundance.  It was literally the equivalent of drinking a red bull when you are tired.  The difference being this was much healthier.

I can even tell you that last night was my regular bowling night.  (No laughing now)  I had a quick bite due to rushing between work and bowling so I was short on food.  Of course, when you are hungry the worst food smells the best.  So the guy at the lane next to me orders the biggest juiciest hamburger and golden fries I think I have ever smelled or seen.  I was able to look at that turn to the waitress and say I want that pointing at the burger but instead I will have a garden salad with a side of dressing.  Again, I can say that after I ate that salad I felt full without feeling heavy, felt satisfied and in a good frame of mind.

I never realized how much power healthy eating has in keeping my mind focused, clear and in a good place.  Remember the food that you put in your mouth goes directly to your waist and brain space; make sure it is healthy food.