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What is the long term outlook regarding bariatric surgery? Is the surgery a permanent solution?


As someone who has had the surgery then gained some weight back after I can attest to the fact you must change your lifestyle for the surgery to be a success or permanent solution. Changing your habits is more important than the surgery itself. If you cannot change your habits then why would you put yourself through surgery?

First and foremost I should state that if you can change your habits before any type of surgery then you should. Never go through surgery if you don’t have to.  I believe that obesity for many is an addiction and you need help to get away from it. Even with the best intentions your addiction is so strong you need a set of handcuffs placed on you. That is essentially what the surgery does. It places handcuffs on you that forces you to change your habits, but for some they just change one bad habit for another.  It may be similar to going into rehab for other addictions as your are forced to withdraw from your addiction.   The most successful individuals that have surgery needed the handcuffs but were ready to change bad habits for good, thereby laying the ground work for new healthy habits. For many who stay the line and create good habits still have cravings and are tempted by their obesity demons and this is similar to other addicts.

The second reason I would surmise for some individuals is that they need to lose the weight in a hurry. Even if they have started changing their habits the weight loss would take a significant amount of time. By shrinking the stomach it is shocking the body into burning up the fat right away.  Nobody recommends dropping weight too quickly but in some cases it is better than the alternative as many gastric bypass patients already have a lot of life threatening diseases that require rapid weight loss.

Surgery is only as good as the patient.  This is a great question raised in one of the obesity groups I am a part of and I encourage others to feel free to ask questions also.  If you can begin to create the positive healthy habits needed to live a healthy life then do it right away and hopefully you will not need any surgery.

If you are looking at surgery as the first step to losing weight then you really need to sit down with your doctor or health professional and look at other options.  I’m sure that in ten to fifteen years from now what will be available to obese individuals to help with their addictions will make this type of surgery barbaric.