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Being in good health includes both the physical health along with the mental health.  When I focus on my health goals I do not focus on the short term such as; losing weight before a family get together.  I find that I need to ask some questions and be sure of my answers before moving forward.

What’s the most important thing right now about my health?

Currently this is changing my eating plan to a healthy energizing plan.  In the past it has been finding the right medication to help with my depression and another time was obesity surgery.  Remember, whatever is the most important focus of your health right now may not be the most important focus six or twelve months from now.

What has to happen for me to feel healthy?

My definition of feeling healthy a little while ago was mental clarity along with healthy blood pressure which was a huge issue for me.  Now it is mental clarity and eating a healthy balanced diet for energy and mental health.  I have been finding that my better eating habits have a direct effect on my mental health and keep my blood pressure low already.

What past habits get in the way of my current health goals?

If you have been following my blog you would know it is old eating habits.  It consists of staying vigilant and away from the comfort foods.  The second issue would be family members who still treat you, the way they always have with regards to food.   I have to be strong enough to say no thank you to the cookies, baked goods and the large portion sizes even though that was the norm in the past.

Am I in Denial about my health?

Until the beginning of October I was still in denial about how healthy my eating was or wasn’t.  It took time to realize that I still needed to lose weight even though my blood pressure and lab reports were now good.  Just because I was in a better place didn’t mean I was in a great place.  I also refused to admit that my poor eating choices affected my mental state.  Once I corrected this, my mental state improved even more.

What do I expect from myself regarding my future health and well being?

I expect from myself to have the energy and well being to play with my son and any future children….  Also I expect to be in a great mental place so that my son will learn that even mental health, although a challenge can be faced and conquered to live a great life.


Knowing where I have been, how far I have come and where I want to get to keeps me motivated.  I also receive motivation from those of you who reach out to me on the blog or facebook with comments about how something has helped you.  I know realize what I want for my well being and I am doing what is within my power to get it.