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I like to keep up to date on gastric bypass surgeries and patients through a great website called obesityhelp.com.  If anybody is considering a type of gastric bypass surgery this should be one of the sites’ you check out because of all the pre and post surgery patients.

There is one issue on this site that I find troubling.  It seems that there are some people who have to have a second surgery because they have gained their weight back and in some cases even more.  I am sure that this is very disheartening for them and their loved ones as they go through this struggle.

My issue is that some people are stating that the RNY style of surgery is not as good because you can gain your weight back.  Some of the other surgeries allow you to eat more normally but bypass a lot of the digestion areas where the food and fat is absorbed so it is more difficult to gain weight.  Some individuals on the site are very excited and high on the ability to keep a similar lifestyle without the weight gain issues.

The goal of the surgery is not to keep you from gaining weight in the future but as a tool to help you lose weight and keep it off.  The whole point of this type of surgery is that you must be mentally prepared to change your habits to ensure you keep the weight off.  The mental aspect of the surgery is more important than the physical surgery itself.  Also the individuals that still have poor eating practices may not be gaining weight but they will still be adding plaque and fat to their artery walls.

Being thin at no time in life ensures that you are healthy.  There are many skinny people in the world that have poor health due to cholesterol, fatty tissue and a host of other blood/heart issues due to poor eating.  There are obese people in the world that would actually score healthier on blood tests because they actually eat a healthier diet even though they are obese.

I encourage anybody who ends up having this surgery to discuss with your physician about the best type of surgery for you.  Even more important is that you are prepared to change your lifestyle to ensure a long and healthy life, not just a skinny looking body.