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“Depression puts one at risk for an ever-longer list of health conditions, including dementia, new research is revealing. Depressed people have a compromised immune system, which can make them more vulnerable to a virus or even cancer. Depressed people take longer to recover from heart surgeries, and if they have chronic conditions such as diabetes or lung disease, these seem to worsen.”
[Information above courtesy of caring.com]


Time for Comparison

Dementia – Obesity in middle age increases your chances of Alzheimer’s by four times later in life.
[Published in the Journal Neurology]

Wow, being depressed and obese is not exactly the lottery card you are looking for.  These are the reasons why I receive treatment for my depression and I have also changed the way I eat.  Currently, the weight is coming off, with the inches dropping on my body and I know if I keep to this trend my increase risk for dementia will be diminished if not gone altogether.

As we get older we are already at an increase risk for potential heart surgery.  If you are depressed it is proven that it takes you longer to recover and get back on your feet.  This results in an increased impact on your life and livelihood.

If you were to receive treatment for depression it would again decrease or remove that obstacle to a potential heart surgery.  Now if you take the time to change your eating habits early enough combined with some exercise you may be able to avoid having any heart surgery.  I know for me if it is a choice of having to have heart surgery or eating more fruits and vegetables to eliminate the chance of having heart surgery, then HELLO, fruits and vegetables.

All the negative energy that is given out by individuals who have untreated depression has been proven to directly affect their immune system.  This makes them more vulnerable to catching everything from the everyday cold to even cancer.

Money is being raised every second of every day to try and help come up with an effective treatment for all cancers.  Some of the best medical information that has come out of these studies is how many cancer fighting foods we have.  Is it a coincidence that the same foods that fight cancer also happen to be good for our bodies?  No, the body is a machine that is meant to be run on the best fuel possible.  Sure you can operate it using less than stellar fuel but it will break down much faster and cost significantly more for upkeep and repair.

Again I feel the need to point out high tightly linked obesity and depression is.  It is so much more than I am depressed so I eat or I am obese so I am depressed.  Almost daily there is new information provided about the potential pitfalls when you are obese or depressed.  Combining these two becomes a deadly cocktail that nobody should want to drink.  In most cases the depression and obesity are both diseases that need treatment but not just individually but also together.  The foods that help sustain your body and make it flourish also have a positive impact on your mental health.

If you or anyone you love has both obesity and depression, then please help them get help.  The change does not happen overnight, it takes time.  The sooner you start treating these conditions in concert with each other, the quicker you will lead a happier healthier life.