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Who is your child’s “Primary Care Provider”?

Just last week I read a medical report in the U.S. the recommends primary care providers become essential to working with kids to eliminate childhood obesity.  As you read through the article you find out that they consider the Primary Care Providers as child care providers, family physicians, and other individuals who work with little kids.


I am a “Primary Care Provider”

Excuse me but this is crazy!  I have a three year old son and guess what “I AM HIS PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER”.  It is my wife’s and my decision to determine what he eats, when he eats, what he drinks and how much he gets.  We also have the right to decide what child care provider will take care of him while we are at work and we had a choice of family physicians for him.


Kids = Responsibility

Childhood obesity is not going to be defeated by individuals outside the home.  For parents there is a magic word you receive once you have children and it is “RESPONSIBLILTY”.  Wow! Shocking I know.  Once of the reasons I began to change all my eating habits was now they were not only hurting me but my son seeing me eat like this would eventually hurt him.  I am not saying that I have the best food plan in the world but it is a good to excellent food plan and will be beneficial for me and him.


Recognize your problem

I would never expect someone outside my home to take the lead on helping my child if they were obese, since they would have to send them back home anyways.  We parents are directly responsible for the way our children eat.  If your child recognizes the golden arches every time you drive by one, then you definitely have a problem.  If you assume any type of food with the word chicken in it is automatically healthy, then you have a problem.  If you go home and have to be introduced to a stove that has been in your house for five years, then you have a problem.


Controlling kids eating and drinking

I love it when my son decides he doesn’t want to eat what we are eating for dinner.  He will like at us and say “I can’t like it”.  We tell him no problem buddy, but it is what we are having for dinner so if you are hungry that is all you are getting.  On top of this at three he already knows he has to stay in his seat until everybody is finished eating because we all eat at the table.  We purposely shut off the TV and any other distractions and sit at the table together.  Generally speaking while he is waiting for us to eat he will dig into the food “he couldn’t like” and sometimes asks for seconds.  He will ask for juice but even natural juice is high in sugar so he gets water like us.  He will refuse it but guess what that water will follow him around all night.  When he gets thirsty he drinks it.  The child will only throw a fit once or twice when you put this type of practice into place and then guess what?  You as a parent are back in control of what your child is eating and drinking.



So to the “Primary Care Providers” who assist with the children of today; you already have enough on your plates to have to worry about becoming a child’s dietician and fitness coach when you do not live with them.  Parents, if your child is obese and it is not a genuine medical condition then you are the only individuals responsible.  It is time to stand up, take responsibility and help make our children live a longer happier life than we had.