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I’m sure there is a saying that goes something like this “Feed a cold, starve a fever”.  I can guarantee you that this never came from a depressed obese person.  My personal motto was “drink lots of water and kill it with grease”.


These last few days I have been fighting off strep throat.  If you have never had it, good for you if you have you know what a pain in the ….well throat it is.  It makes your throat very raw and difficult to swallow.  I tend to get this once year from the time I was a little boy until now, no change.  I am probably different than most people with strep throat because many of them would not want to swallow anything due to the pain, but I like to swallow drinks and food that feel like they coat the throat.


All I could think about the last couple of days was heading over to Wendy’s and getting a double cheeseburger combo with a large pop.  That double patty with its hot grease and tastiness would feel great sliding down the back of my throat.  The grease from the burger would coat the back of my throat giving me the temporary feeling of comfort as the pain would go away.  Then I would follow this with the large pop because for some strange reason the feeling of the ice cold soda bubbles exploding on my hot throat would make it heaven.


I am proud to say that I didn’t even take one step out of the door to attempt this non-medicinal fix of my strep throat.  I’m pretty sure the course of action to get better had nothing to do with what I just described but it would have made me feel better.  Funny thing was when I actually listened to myself to see if I really wanted this non-medicinal treatment I realized I didn’t.  I am very happy on my food plan that I have changed to and never find myself starving for food anymore.   The constant eating (not grazing) along with the high in fiber fruits and vegetables keep me full.


The second biggest success against the strep throat is that my energy wasn’t totally taken away.  Most times in the past when I run a fever for a few days with the chills and sweats, all my joints would get really sore and I would just want to rest.  This time was different as I found that I had more energy and that sickness didn’t affect me as much.  I attribute this to healthy eating.


The afternoon nap that I use to always crave but work never allows (shocking), never came knocking on my door.  I have energy right throughout the day and straight into the evening.  I feel more clear headed and function at a higher level in the afternoon then I use to, which is a treat for me and better productivity for my employer.


I finally realize that every time I fed my fever, cold, allergies or whatever drove me to my fast food place of choice, I was doing more damage to myself.  The comfort only came during the moments that I sat down and ate the food.  Once those moments were gone so was the comfort I was looking for in my food.  Also the fast food was delivering fat and sugar which was affecting the chemical makeup in my body thereby hurting my mind as well.  Now I was giving the sickness a chance to not only attack my body some more but I also wasn’t in a sharp enough mind to help fight it off.


Comfort food for when you are sick or heartbroken doesn’t need to be food that is bad for you.  It really should be food that fuels your body and mind leading you to overcome whatever is causing the need for comfort food.  Going forward I know that I will not gain weight when I am sick as I will only eat food the supports my body and mind.