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In the United States alone 19 million people are


diagnosed with depression, 12.5 million kids are


diagnosed obese between the ages of 2-19 and 33.8% of


adults are obese.


Just look at those figures and try to tell me that obesity and depression are not related.  The medical profession knows that obesity and depression are linked but they have no idea how to treat it other than to treat each issue independently.

As someone who is a Recovering Depressed Fat Addict I can speak to the fact that both of these conditions are interlinked.  The chemical changes in the brain from depression and from the poor processed foods we eat are linked in patterns the medical community hasn’t been able to identify yet.

So many people ask the question which came first the depression or the obesity?  At what point did this become a chicken and the egg question?  The result is that the link is there and individuals who battle these two diseases do not need to be ashamed anymore.

I ask that you stop hiding in the darkness, in the baggy clothes, masking your pain with humour and come out to face the world.  Until you acknowledge that there is an issue, it will be impossible to start getting the proper treatment and more importantly the proper support.

Please join me and share your experiences with obesity and depression.  I will attempt to put words to feelings that you could not express before and provide and ear to listen.  For everyone who has to deal daily with the feelings of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and the added weight on your body, you now have a voice.