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Today I am looking forward to having a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner with my family.  Even with this great event I am determined to stay focused on my new eating plan.  For me I can have turkey as one of my foods and I am going to eat it tonight.  The biggest thing for me will be to keep away from the deserts, little buns and the gravy made from the turkey juice.

I have also been very cognizant of the food I have eaten today as I knew I may have a little more this afternoon.  I have had bran flakes for breakfast, an apple, a turkey strip cooked with salad and dressing followed by an Activia yogurt for my afternoon snack.  It’s amazing that if I looked at a menu like this even a few weeks ago I would have never thought I could be full but I have been.  I think it is a combination of the eating at regular intervals and drinking the recommended intake of water every day.

On top of this I was very active this morning even though I didn’t hit the treadmill or gym.  I moved all the kitchen furniture and cleaned the floor, followed by vacuuming the stairs, cleaned the hutch, kitchen sink, ceiling fan, and played with my son.  It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time when you feel good and are not weighed down by food.

I’m wishing all my Canadian readers a very happy Thanksgiving weekend.