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Your palate is like mine and just like everybody else’s in the world.  It is trained by what you have eaten growing up through the years.  I know I got used to the food I ate all the time and for me that food is what tasted good to me.  Now that I am on the food plan I have to learn to train my palate to accept the new healthy food that I was

a)      Not eating before or

b)      Not eating enough of before.


How this affects your brain

Food today especially unhealthy food is designed or engineered to be addictive.  Food companies state that the food is created to give you a better eating experience.  They heighten the impact the food has on your taste buds and how it makes you feel.  Certain ingredients in food such as sugar and fat have been shown to create an addiction within the human body and you will get withdrawal systems when you stop taking it.  Studies also show that foods can create opiates in the body that increases the addiction.  Eating bad food that changes chemistry in the body cannot help but affect the chemistry in the brain.  This also works in reverse that food for the body that is healthy can also cause healthy reactions in your brain chemistry.


Palate Benefits for your Brain and Waistline

During my new food plan I am eating more and more of the healthy food that I didn’t eat enough of before.  I already find myself craving a fat free yogurt or a nice piece of fruit when I want a snack and not the chips, chocolate or jujubes I wanted before.  This new change that I am making is having the two impacts I was hoping for.  I wake up happy and ready to face the day.  It is a higher happiness then I was having before and the only change is the new food.  It is also greatly impacting my waistline in a positive way.  My wife has already told me that she notices a difference in my physique even though I am not living by the scale.


The benefits of eating healthy go way behind just the important physical health benefits.  Eating healthy has a major positive impact on your mental health which may be able to help some individuals avoid depression medication or maybe use less medication.  On top of this the mind is also positively affected by the drop in body weight which has less drag on your physical self and will allow you to become more physically active.  The increase in physical activity is another great way to impact your body and mental health.  It is not so hard we just need to keep on the positive road.