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Food Plan Update

What I would give to have a bagel right now?  I just want to take a little walk down the street to my local coffee shop and have them get me a cheese bagel toasted with herb and garlic cream cheese and just eat it like it is going out of style.  Thank god I am mentally dedicated to staying on my new eating plan and I can tell you that Sharon didn’t put that particular item on their anywhere. (I checked 4 times!)

I am proud to say that I made it through the cleansing soup phase.  At first I didn’t think the soup was too bad (it’s not), but after three days of it for lunch and dinner it is time to move on.  Last night I was so happy to be moving onto day 1 of the Normal eating plan that will introduce more regular food into the diet.  Just think about how disappointed I was when day 1 shows up and bam it is a veggies only day.  It is technically called a “Purge day”.  I thought the cleanse was the purge but instead I have a cleanse and then a purge.  I am definitely going to have to as Sharon about this during our consultation.


There are some highlights over the first few days.  I do not feel bloated (that’s right a man said bloated) or over stuffed all the time.  I know for myself when I was very obese I became so accustomed to the feeling of fullness all the time that it became the norm and when I didn’t have that feeling of fullness my body determined it was hungry.  That has gone away.  Even on the cleanse with very measured amounts of food I never had my stomach growl or feel any hunger pains.  I think that was the biggest surprise for me as I thought I would always be aching for food.  I also realized that when I ate at regular intervals as per the plan it significantly reduced my cravings for unhealthy food.  Since my wife has been working hard at having my food ready in advance so it is waiting, I don’t have the need to grab those quick fixes that are so easy to do and so unhealthy.  I have significantly less gas.  For those of you who have had Gastric Bypass gas can be a major issue and so far all the healthy eating has reduced it a lot.  My wife thanks you Sharon.


I didn’t crave sugar as in sugar treats, cookies, ice cream, cake, etc.  I really missed the bread aspect.  I am someone who really enjoys fresh bread with most things that I eat.  To me the hardest part was missing out on the carbohydrates that I use to fill my body.  I really think that is where most of my crankiness came from, the significant reduction in carbs.  I am a carb hungry person; I am beginning to believe that carbs are my comfort food.  Watching others eat foods I would normally eat while I was having soup was not a whole lot of fun.  There is nothing like putting a full dinner down in front of someone who cannot eat it.  There has been the odd craving like today for a bagel but I know that I don’t really need it; it is just a past habit that I am breaking.


I cannot stress this enough but good sleep is helping me get over bad habits.  Good sleep habits positively affect obesity, mental health, and physical health.  It is the one item in everyone’s life that they can control if they want to put in the effort.  I know for a fact that if I wasn’t getting the proper rest I wouldn’t be able to resist the odd craving and at times I would fall into old habits because of being tired and not thinking straight.  Overall I would say so far so good and I will keep you updated to where it goes.