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Get out and do something!

One of the best things any person can do especially depressed obese individuals is to join a league of some kind to get moving.  This is great in multiple ways with a couple being, meeting others and getting exercise.  So based on that assumption I joined a bowling league.  To be truthful, my sister joined and asked me to join with her.  She must have caught me in a moment of weakness because I said yes and BOOM, I’m now a bowler.

Is bowling a sport?

Now I’m sure some of you are thinking that of all the leagues to join out in the world is bowling really the best one?  Some of you may not even think it is a sport, but I can unequivocally tell you that bowling is in fact a sport.  At the end of the first week I came home with a swollen bruised right knee and a set of bruised ribs.  In my younger years I never even got this banged up playing baseball and football.

Let me explain how this can happen.  As I am only coming back to bowling after a decade layoff I do not have any of my own equipment.  So like many people who go bowling for fun I had to rent shoes from the alley.  No problem, got my shoes picked a ball of the rack that seemed to fit my hand and I was good to go.

The very first time I stepped on the lane to throw the ball, I got into position, started my walk to the foul line and in one easy fluid motion landed on the ground face first with a thud and my own elbow slamming into my ribs.  Now wasn’t that sexy?

Here is what I believed that happened.  As I began to slide towards the infrared foul line the shoes have a chip in them not to pass it so they stop sliding.  Well 200+ pounds sliding on one foot doesn’t stop on a dime when the shoe stops.  Therefore the rest of me went flying forward into a superman dive.  I instinctively put my hands down to stop myself but the bowling lanes are oiled from the foul line all the way to the end of the lane.  So my hands hit the oil slick and one slid out while the other slid in underneath me.  Kaboom my right knee slams into the floor and my arm that slides under me ends up with the elbow pointed at my ribs.  Lucky I didn’t break any.

As time passes:

So here I am three weeks later and I am still recovering from the rib injury.  It turns out that it is difficult to heal as you cannot isolate your ribs from the rest of your daily activities.  I also realize that I am really enjoying the weekly night out with my sister and all the other people we have met in the league.  Everyone shows up for a good time and really encourages each other even during the competition.  This helps with the mental side of depression because you are surrounded by happy, supportive people who have no reason to be nice to you but are anyways.

I highly recommend to anyone that is thinking about joining a league for both fitness and fun, to look at their local bowling league.  It is a fairly inexpensive night out where you are surrounded by supportive people that are they because they want to be.  Really, check it out!