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Is your love life making you obese?

I can honestly say that I married my wife for love.  There was no shotgun wedding, no large dowry, no oil money, or lotto victories, just old fashioned love.  Now, I don’t care who you love in life or if you married for love or not, this is will help anybody who is in a committed relationship, not who has been committed because of a relationship.

Fat because of love?

My wife does most of the cooking in our house and this is great because I do not like to cook.  Now before and women’s right groups get upset with this statement and stop reading my blog you should know that my wife handles most of the cooking and I handle most of the housework.  We try to share 50/50 as we both work and it is 2011.

She does a great job in trying to make sure we eat healthy with home cooked meals, fresh vegetables and fruit with the odd treat.  I will say that we may not have always eaten this way but as a recovering fat addict I need the help to stay on my road to recovery.

Pizza – Tempting the Addiction

Today though I came home thinking it would be nice to have something light for dinner.  All week long we have been eating well and I felt like some hotdogs.  This may not be the “best” food but we buy 100% all beef with no added preservatives, flavors, etc…trying to have the healthiest hotdogs.  My lovely wife threw a pizza in the oven; for a recovering fat addict that is like heating up the stove to cook my crack.  I couldn’t believe it.  I realize that my wife shouldn’t have to eat all the healthy foods that I do to keep on track but….pizza, REALLY!

I will say that I kept to my original plan and had my hotdogs.  I didn’t cook french fries with them or onion rings, we had raw veggies in the fridge to go with it.  On the plus side, it was a spinach pizza and my wife knows that I dislike spinach so the chance of me eating any wouldn’t be high to begin with, but still, it was pizza.  Sure, I could come up with a hundred arguments why pizza could be justified to eat as part of a healthy meal, yet sometimes it is better not to get close to the edge because you might slip off.

Family Support!

My wife does fully support the new food plan that I am beginning on October 1st that is designed to help increase my healthy eating along with supporting my mental health against depression.  She supports it so fully in fact, she is getting her own meal plan to go along with mine which is wonderful.

I feel for those of you who are out there that do not receive this kind of support.  Maybe you are trying to become a recovering fat addict as well but you cannot because every time you come home all the food has been deep-fried and the only healthy snack you can find in the house is a smores.  This is so difficult when you love somebody so completely but you know they are detrimental to your health and you have to find a way to balance it out.  Don’t give up against becoming a recovering fat addict just because it is too hard at home, in the long run, your loved ones will know you were right.