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Last night my wife and I sat down with Sharon Quirt a close personal friend of ours who helps individuals world wide.  You can find Sharon’s link under the links page but I will provide it her also. (www.sharonquirt.com)  Sharon has provided me a food plan that begins with a cleansing but continues on for the next 120 days.  This is something that I am going to blog about so others can feel what I am going through.

If you haven’t been through my bio, I made a choice to have gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago and it has made a huge difference in my life.  Overall my health is significantly better than it has been for years.  One thing I noticed about myself was even with this huge improvement I still do not have the perfect food plan for myself.

This is why I reached out to Sharon.  She has put together a 120 food plan and 3 day cleansing this is designed for myself and my needs.  If there is any shortfall out in the marketplace of diets it is the combination of depression and obesity and bringing these two issues together.

After being able to sit down with Sharon and go over this plan, I am excited.  With that being said I am also very nervous.  Having surgery was not an easy decision but once I made it, it was easy to move forward.  It placed a set of handcuffs on me that I was forced to live with for that time and going forward.  This is now me realizing that one step isn’t the end all and be all of my entire journey.  I am ready to move forward with the next part, which includes an honest to goodness judgment of myself and moving forward.  The best part about this is my wife is going on her own individual food plan as well.  She has never had to and god willing never need to have gastric bypass surgery.  She does have her own medical needs that require a food plan that is tailored to her.

I believe that with both of us working towards our own personal goals but at the same time will make life easier.  As there will be both good days and bad days that we can work through together and support each other.  Just like there will be days that I’m sure we won’t want to be around each other.  All part of that great circle of life.

My plan is what I will blog about as I don’t feel it is my place to discuss my wife’s health or individual plan with anybody.  I will though share with you the ups and downs as I work my way through this plan and come out the other side a healthier, happier, person.

To be honest with you right now, as I sit here and look over this plan, part of my mind is saying “It’s about time” while the other half is screaming “Our life is over, run to the nearest drive thru”.  It makes me think of Colin Farrell who gave up smoking.  He tells his story of how he spent a day smoking non-stop and saying his goodbyes to cigarettes.  I can understand what he was thinking as I sit here and think, maybe I should run out and get Wendy’s, no wait, a blizzard, nachos, no wait…..

I am going to handcuff myself to a chair and unlike Colin Farrell I will go out with a whimper to my demons hopefully to never visit them again.  Between now and when I start the new food plan on August 1, I will not run out to fill my body with the foods that lead me astray in the first place.  I will keep controlled, strong and of course scared of Food Plan Day 1.