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Today I was out in the parking lot at work just getting ready to go into the office and I caught a view of my shadow from the side.  The view that I saw from the side of my eye made me think that I was as big as a house.  Even after surgery and trying to watch my weight it felt like it was all for nothing because of that view.  Even though mentally I know that I have had a substantial weight loss and don’t really compare to old pictures of myself.

I’m sure most of you have caught your own reflection in the mirror, shadow or even a picture and you think wow that’s hideous.  This impacts your mind as well as your body.  You begin to beat yourself up even though nothing has actually happened.  Maybe you head out for lunch that day and decide to have a supersize value meal at one of the fast food restaurants because you figure why does it matter since you are already huge?

When I got into work I sat down at my desk and did a quick introspection.  Sure, maybe I didn’t like the view of my shadow but that means there is still more to strive for.  Also, over the last few weeks, just by watching the food I am eating, I have dropped an additional twelve pounds.  I also remembered how it felt when I put on my belt this morning and got to tighten it an extra notch without it being snug.

I wanted to put this out there to remind all of us that what we see isn’t always what should motivate or de-motivate us.  Remember it is what we do 80% of the time that makes a difference not the 20% where we make a mistake.  If you have been achieving success at any speed then keep at it and forget those unflattering views that may not even be accurate.  What you see shouldn’t dictate what you feel.