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I would really like to thank Bob for his comments on a prior gastric bypass article.  I want to be sure that everyone knows – gastric bypass is NOT a magic bullet for weight loss.  It forces you to lose weight in a quick manner but it does not guarantee that you will be skinny or even thin when its complete.

Also, this is real surgery.  You have to go through the same procedures you would through any other surgery.  You need to be healthy enough to be put under for the surgery.  The surgery comes with the potential for its own complications plus once you have gastric bypass there is a vitamin regiment that you must add to your lifestyle.

I truly believe that the surgery is great for the right person.   I know it was great for me.  I also imagine that in the next twenty years the medical profession will think that this surgery was barbaric because there will be a pill to take that will eliminate the need for this type of surgery.

Please stay tuned for upcoming obesity articles and gastric bypass articles.