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I remember back in the days when Sunday nights use to be the worst night of the week for me.  As Sunday slowly went along I would get more and more agitated knowing that work was coming fast the next day.  By Sunday night I was a bear to be around.  I didn’t want to be asked questions because I felt like it added to my anxiety. 

Going in Monday mornings was always a chore.  The anxiety would be in my throat when I went in and the managers wouldn’t even say good morning.  The manager who starts questioning and inquiring about work before you even get a chance to take your coat off does not work well with depressed individuals.

Those of us who are depressed tend to not live for work.  That may be one of the benefits of the condition.  We want our manager’s to realize that we have lives outside of work and we don’t spend the time we are outside of work thinking about work.  That may be fine for the manager who wants to be VP but not for everybody.

Managers just need to start treating depressed individuals like people.  Respect the fact that they need an ear at times and respond much better to positive coaching then to being yelled at or disciplined.  It is not beneficial to try and break down depressed individuals then build them back up because as a Manager you won’t be able to.