Living with depression is difficult at times but having a supervisor that doesn’t understand us can make it almost impossible.  Too many managers believe that since you are being paid to be at work you are theirs to treat however they like. 

A past manager I worked with was always a warm and helpful person when you went to see them or ask questions, yet if you received an email from them it was usually scathing.  The emails would always be very personal and blunt.  The worst part was if you went to talk to them after receiving the email they would be friendly towards you like it was a normal course of business. 

With depression though these emails eat away at you.  They stay in your mind and pull you down into a bad personal space.  It begins to create a lot of anxiety within you because you don’t know who the manager is; the friendly in person one or the mean email one.  It also makes you begin to feel like there is a chance that you could lose your job.  It never takes much for a depressed person to begin to think that their job is on the line. 

This is why it is key for managers to treat employees like people.  Depressed people will not likely tell their employers of their condition because of negative perceptions about depression.  Just like everyone else depressed people have to do their best to protect themselves because the labor laws won’t do it.