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This is a second post about managers who make it difficult to succeed in the workplace due to depression.  Managers who make it their personal mission to micromanage you.  If you are depressed going to work and having to look over your shoulder every minute of the day makes work excruciating. 

The pressure puts us depressed people on edge.  The more on edge we are the poorer our work becomes, the additional stress builds up, we begin to forget more and things at work get worst exponentially.  One boss I had decided to make it their personal mission that we would have one on one meetings at least twice a week plus all the incidental meetings you usually have with your manager during a week. 

Depressed people like myself know we will have bad days that we may not accomplish a lot but on our good days we will accomplish two to three times the average worker.  When left alone to do our jobs we are usually above average as an employee.  When I had to spend two days a week explaining what I was doing on a constant basis began to mentally get to me. 

You become afraid to have a bad day and this thought begins to build the stress which leads to many bad days.  Even with this pressure at the end of the year I was offered a promotion but I left instead.  I felt that another year in that environment would put me years back on my success at living with depression and anxiety. 

Managers need to understand that extra attention and pressure will not make a depressed person stronger it will eventually break them.  It’s time for managers to truly lead with positive coaching and not added pressure.