In the next few posts we will give a little more back story on the authors of the sight.

The winding road of success

I remember the specific moment back in grade 11 when I had the thought that I should become a psychologist.  I grew up in an environment of depression and anxiety, and it turned out that this atmosphere gave me personal insight and an interest to learn about it.

This led me to the library to research becoming a Psychologist. The book I chose informed me that to become a great psychologist you must first dive into the deepest recesses of your own mind to find things out about yourself that most people would want to leave untouched.  That was the moment I decided business was for me and I would hide in the world of trying to make money.  Its funny how one book at the age of 16/17 can make such an impact on your life that it forces you to select a path that you might not have selected before.  That one book may have knocked me off of my true path and into chaos for the next fifteen years.

Consequently, I spent the remainder of my high school studying business to get into a University business program.  My marks were high enough that I was able to select between a couple different Universities and I choose a smaller one and went off to business school.  Unfortunately, the combination of a full time job while I was in a full time program and of a lack of financial support from the government to attend school meant I wasn’t destined to finish the program. I passed my first year with okay grades but the experience was burning me out.   I came home and slept for what felt like the first three days.

As a result I tried to transfer to another University but they would only let me back into first year and only count my transfer credits towards my degree.  This meant I would have to duplicate the courses I already took, which didn’t make much sense.  Unsure where I fit in to the business world, I chose to change programs and went into computer science.  Computer Science students were in demand and making money all over North America.  I was still focused on the dollar and thought maybe this was how I would make my mark and money.  After a year of programming I realized I hated it.  I did pass and I could continue on but I decided to switch to a community college that had a specialty in hardware and networking.  My first job after graduation was to work at a credit union as my first post school job.  The job market for Computer Science grads had crashed when I came out of school so I accepted the first job I was presented. The job had emerged from a personal reference, so I trusted it.

To be continued …