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Dr. Burns allocates a chapter to guilt in “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy”.  A book about depression wouldn’t be complete without discussing guilt.  Guilt is the one part of life’s mixture that can push a depressed individual over the edge into a dark abyss or to death like Robert Enke.  

Dr. Burns discusses the “Guilt Cycle” and lays out the two main steps below: 

  1. I feel guilty and worth of condemnation.  This means I’ve been bad.
  2. Since I’m bad, I deserve to suffer. 

Therefore guilt convinces you of your badness or worthlessness and leads to further guilt.  This is an endless circle for some who only see one way out.  The book provides some great examples how to move beyond guilt and how to live life without it.  Nobody should live a life wracked by guilt and take the guidance in this book to live a healthier life.