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This is a tough topic because there is no easy answer.  Not that there is an easy answer to any part of depression, but the depression, energy link is circular.  When depressed you don’t have the energy to do anything and you just want to pull the covers over your head and wake up when the whole world has either a) gone to hell or b) become perfect.  The problem being neither of these two options is going to happen any time soon so you have to help yourself.

Personal Story

A couple of years ago we were fencing the backyard in the house that my wife and I had purchased a short time before.  We put in the fence posts by hand set the concrete and left the fence to set.  A couple of weeks later we opted to get back at it and finish the fence by putting up the cross beams and then the boards.

The day we were going to complete the fence it was late fall and the weather was cold and drizzly the type that chills you to the bone.  Having two dogs I knew that I had to get the fence finished so they would have room to run and play.  Yet when I woke up I didn’t want to leave the bed.  It was a bad day.  Problem was my father was coming over to help and I’m lucky enough that he would come in good weather, bad weather, sick or healthy and never complain.  I could have called him to cancel but I knew the fence had to get done.

So we spent the day outside doing the fence.  I knew that I was not in a good mood and wasn’t a pleasure to be around.  I did my best to be friendly and tried to keep from bringing my wife and father down.  By the time the day ended I was so exhausted that I wanted to cry.  But looking back I’m glad I forced myself that day because it helped me get through the negative depression, energy cycle.

The next day I had more energy and found it easier to do more things.  Each day it got better until I felt both mentally and physically stronger.

The best think for everybody in the low energy cycle is to make you do things.  They don’t have to be big projects like a fence but maybe just going for a walk and putting away the dishes.  Moving from the bedroom to the couch to watch TV is not doing something and doesn’t count.

Be sure to eat healthy, drink lot’s of water, keep a steady sleep pattern at night and keep yourself active.