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Give or take the weather the holiday season is upon us.  For the Americans it starts with the Thanksgiving feast and Black Friday shopping.  For Canadians it’s watching the Americans have a four day weekend and missing some good Thanksgiving Thursday NFL action.

The holiday season can leave many people feeling frazzled and depressed due to the commitments and fears of not doing things right.  Not to worry those of you who can become depressed over the holidays many will not need any medication just a change of view.

Nobody is saying it will be easy especially for those of you who have lost loved ones recently or in the past or for those of you who are alone over the holidays.  Women tend to be affected more then men when it comes to depression over the holidays but men should be aware too.

Some of the things you can do to help ease the strain are:

1)      Plan your holiday schedule out in advance

  1. Do shopping lists
  2. Determine who you are going to visit
  3. Schedule some down time for yourselves

2)      Choose to visit others instead of hosting at your home

3)      Make sure you spend time to remember what the holidays are
about and don’t get caught up in the merchandising of it all.

4)      With North America still coming out of the recession remember
that the holidays don’t require a lot of money just love and

5)      Lastly make sure that you give yourself enough time to rest
and sleep.

Make the holidays the fun experience it was meant to be and take the warm loving feelings of the holidays in to help push the depression out.