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A year and a half ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to change where our life was going.  We didn’t have a bad life but we felt like we were victim to circumstances outside our control and we wanted to get control back.  Fighting against my wife’s urge to run away from life planning we sat down one evening to discuss our future.  One of the hardest parts about discussing the future is looking at your current shortcomings and what you want to change for the better.  We sat down and began to analyze how far we had come in our life already which was a plus because everyone has accomplished more than they think when you actually look at it.

Next we discussed where we want our life to go.  Many couples or individuals dream about what they want but they never lay down a plan or think about how to get there.  My wife was working a job she enjoyed but was well below her skills and brains.  Like a lot of people she doesn’t care for structured school but always succeeded well in positions that performed like apprenticeships.  Unfortunately the careers today require a college or university education just to get in the door.  To improve our future we decided she would determine what she wanted as a career and work towards it.

For myself I worked in the accounting field but didn’t enjoy the job I was doing.  I had to decide what I wanted to do within my field as well.  I always enjoyed working within a business environment and wanted to provide my family a decent living so I went into accounting.  As time progressed I worked my way through a variety of positions until I found I enjoyed working in Controls and Risk Management.  Now that I found something I enjoyed I had to find a way to increase my salary so I planned on learning as much as I could and move to a higher paying position.

Fast forward six months later after we had our first little one.  My wife decided she wanted to work in nursing because she wanted to help others.  The next step was for her to acquire the courses she needed to get into nursing school.  Back in high school she majored in business and now she had to acquire the science courses.  While on maternity leave she took adult education courses in science to meet the requirements of the nursing program.  Excelling at a high level she was able to take care of a new born baby and achieve a plus 95% average.  You never know what you can achieve until you put your mind to it.

Now with 2010 starting very shortly we have succeeded so far with my wife starting nursing school as one of eighty students accepted out of four thousand applicants.  Also I have achieved a much higher ranked position in the area I enjoy that will make our life easier while my wife is at school.  Within two years we will be at a place that is 2000% better than we were two years ago and this was all from sitting down one evening and having an honest heart to heart conversation about the future.

We realized that to take control we had to decide where we wanted our future to go.  The plan wasn’t written in stone because we new that flexibility was key but we stuck to our guns about what we wanted.  Now in twenty-four months our lives will have changed for the better which provides great relief to me and my depression.  Taking control helped alleviate some of the depression and anxiety which has improved our lives.