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Productivity for depressed individuals can be very trying at times.  The more that a depressed individual does not like what is happening in their life the higher the likeliness your productivity drops.  A quote that I read in a newsletter from www.cognitivetherapynyc.com states “Liking reality is optional.  Accepting it is mandatory”.  

This is a slogan that I have added to my personal motivation wall.  Why? Because for everyone of us there will be days that we really don’t like what’s happening but we cannot bury our heads in the sand to avoid those days.  It is so true that we cannot always change what is happening but accepting it will allow us to move forward.

 The key to everyone living with depression and anxiety is moving forward everyday.  Everyone knows that if you can get yourself moving and start being productive the day gets better.  Always accept where you are because unless you accept it there is no way to change it.  If you choose to focus on the worst scenario in an already bad situation then the probability of the worst happening increases substantially. 

 Do what you can to improve your reality so that you will want to accept it.  Make the small changes everyday that makes your bad situations better.  You may be able to volunteer to help others by donating time, mentor others who want to acquire the skills you have or add a personal passion to your daily routine.  Before you know it accepting your reality will be what you want to do.