It’s time for you to realize that you deserve that job just as much as the next person.  This article expands the previous one on “Employment – The art of starting anew”.  Individuals that live with depression and anxiety must realize that you deserve any job you want.  The hardest part for anybody both depressed and non-depressed when attempting to get a new job is getting your resume noticed.  

Be sure to do a search online for resumes’ that are in the field you are applying for.  Scan job ads and determine what employers are looking for.  Use these to build a quality resume that can get noticed.  A second option is to use a quality headhunting service.  A good service will help you enhance your resume and put you in front of companies looking for your services.  Remember that a quality headhunting service never charges you anything as they are paid by the company who lists their jobs with them.  If any head-hunter asks for money from you or apart of your wages then the choice is up to you but personally I would move on to another company.

 You should find it less stressful and depressing when you deal with a quality head-hunter because you know that your resume will be put in front of hiring managers that will actually read them.  Plus if you use a head-hunter you can still take your updated resume and apply to companies you like as well.  Building a relationship with a head-hunter is important as you will need to keep in contact to ensure your resume stays at the forefront of the pile.

 When you actually get the interview (and you will), you can take solace in the fact you deserve to be there.  Companies do not waste their time interviewing candidates they don’t think meet their criteria.  Just like all the other candidates you have an equal opportunity to win the job.  When you interview be confident and well spoken.  This alone will put you to the front of the candidate group.  The key to getting ahead is the ability to be confident and well spoken with great relationship skills.  Any job can be learned given enough time.  Companies are willing to train if you can convince them you have the right mindset and attitude.

 When you do receive the job and begin remember that you are not expected to know everything on the first day.  Make yourself a plan of what you need to learn through the first week and make your way through it.  Then expand on the list for the second week and third etc until you feel comfortable in your new job. 

 Nobody is going to go through the process of finding and hiring you if you weren’t the right person for the job.  Just do your best at accomplishing something everyday and before you know it five years will have passed and you will be in a job you enjoy.

 Always remember that you are as deserving as anybody else when it comes to your career.  You have the power to put yourself at the front of the line and taking on a career that will make you happy.