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Going after a new job can cause a person with depression and anxiety to become almost  frozen with fear.  You may be forced to find a new job due to unemployment or you may just want to increase your income.  Even though we want or require a new job you find it difficult to get started. 

When you write up your resume it may seem like anybody can do the job you are doing and probably even better than you have.  On paper you begin to think that you are worthless and somebody is going to find out your resume is a fraud.  Your career has just been lucky so far.  Then you begin to believe that there is no point applying for the jobs you want because you’re not qualified and you will just be rejected. Not only will you not get an interview but your resume will not even get acknowledged like you don’t even exist. 

Maybe your resume does slip through the cracks and wow you get an interview.  Now the fear is almost unimaginable as you actually have to sell yourself to the employer.  You believe that the company is going to see right thru you in the first five minutes throwing you out of the interview. 

 Magically they hire you, of course the hiring manager must be off their rocker but you accept anyways as you have bills to pay.  You know full well that they will let you go before the probationary period is over once they realize you have no skill and can’t come close to doing the job.  So now you are going to have to start all over again because you still need to pay your bills. 

Wow! Imagine that, the whole scenario above happened and you haven’t even left the comfort of your own home yet.  The mind is an amazing instrument that can take you places and create feelings you haven’t truly experienced yet.  It’s time to take your mind for a spin on the positive highway and realize your career accomplishments do matter and not everyone can do them.  Make believe that you do deserve that next job and you will succeed.  Before you know it you will have faked it until you made it.  Your mind will take you where you want so kept it on the positive path.