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You can write the script of your own life, and if you are not happy with the current script, you can rip it up and write it again. (Brian Tracy)

I feel like this quote was written directly for those of us with mental health issues. If things are not going the way you want right now then it’s time to start over. You don’t need to make any New Years resolutions because you can restart the way your life is going anytime.

Make the second half of 2009 the most productive year that you can. When 2010 comes look back and be happy with what you accomplished in the second half of this year. I know I am going to try and make the second half of this year as happy as possible.

Goals don’t have to be large just something you are going to stick with. It can also be how you will improve yourself by breaking a bad habit.

Use the second half of 2009 to write a new script, one that you will be happy to look back on.