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Decision’s can be easy. The biggest thing to do when you have a decision to make is to follow your heart. Being true to yourself and make your decision. People do there best to make decisions difficult. People with mental illness make it even harder on themselves.

You don’t need to sit down and analyze decisions to death. There isn’t a need to sit down and draw up a pro’s and con’s list. It’s okay to turn down a job that will pay you significantly more money if you know you are going to hate it. What is the point of making more money if you are going to be miserable five of the seven days a week.

Find what things in your life that you do that make it easier then judge every decision against it. If you like to keep a happy home environment then turn down any options that will disrupt that flow.

Life isn’t always easy and sometimes the decisions you have to make are between lousy and worst then lousy but you always have a choice.

Just make sure that you do not choose to avoid making a decision just so you don’t have to face it. All this will do is cause strain on your subconscious making everything else harder to deal with.

Life decisions may not always have the options we want but you can always make a decision that is true to you.