Setting an Eating plan



Growing up, I was never a big planner.  I preferred to go with the flow and see what happens in life.  I could never figure out why my parents had everything planned and wanted everything in its’ own place, how boring life could be.  Now as a parent of a toddler and a spouse to a wife that has erratic shifts, a lot of the home tasks fall to me.  Apparently this is the benefit of working a straight 9-5 corporate job.

I have started to become obsessed with order, planning and having everything in its proper place.  All those years of wondering how boring life would be I realize that life is quicker and more efficient this way.  One of the things I have yet to plan on a regular basis is dinner.

Healthy food has a huge impact on our weight and on our depression as it feeds both in positive ways.  I am going to make my first food plan for the next week and see how it works out.  I’m looking forward to not trying to figure out every day what to cook and make sure that my little one and I are getting all the right foods.  It’s time to be ready in advance, maybe this will give me more time for laundry.  🙂

I picked out a great book that I have been reviewing called: Weight Loss Cookbook  for Dummies.  Once I pick out a week of meals from this book I will be ready to rock.